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Boiler Condenser Boiler Condenser Boiler Condenser Boiler Condenser

Boiler Condenser

  • Boiler Condenser The condenser adopts the parallel fin steel pipe as thebearing pipe of boiler feed water. To a large extent, the heating area is increased, which can quickly absorb the heat in the flue gas.

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Product Advantage

1. The condenser adopts the parallel fin steel pipe as the bearing pipe of boiler feed water.

To a large extent, the heating area is increased, which can quickly absorb the heat in the flue gas. The internal pipes of the condenser are arranged crosswise, which can better increase the flushing of the flue gas on the pipes. When the condenser is installed, the flue gas is stable and effectively reduced. Full energy saving.

2. The airtightness of the condenser needs to be fully considered when it is in the room.

After a long time of research and testing on the condenser,Jinzhen use stainless steel or ND steel as the outsourcing material of the condenser, which has good corrosion resistance and airtightness at the same time. Avoid smoke everywhere.

3. When the boiler uses the condenser, the condenser will allow the water vapor in the flue gas to condense. In the process, NOx and Sox in the flue gas will be integrated to effectively reduce the emission of NOx and Sox. The condensation effect of the Jinzhen condenser is very good. If your company has high requirements for exhaust gas temperature and boiler thermal efficiency,a condenser can be equipped.

4. Customized design, according to the customer's requirements, we can customize the special condenser to help the enterprise and make your company more competitive in your industry, which is our mission! Please feel free to contact us if you need.

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