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Autoclave Kettle

  • AAC Block Autoclave
  • AAC Block Autoclave
  • AAC Block Autoclave
  • AAC Block Autoclave
  • AAC Block Autoclave
  • AAC Block Autoclave
AAC Block Autoclave AAC Block Autoclave AAC Block Autoclave AAC Block Autoclave AAC Block Autoclave AAC Block Autoclave

AAC Block Autoclave

  • Design Pressure :1.0-3.8 Mpa
  • Design Temperature :187-225°C
  • Length :According to the customers demands
  • Application : AAC Plant (Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Plant)
  • Brief Intro :AAC autoclave is large pressure vessel for steam curing, 
  • has excellent thermal insulating quality. It has the advantages of 
  • good treat efficiency, large capacity, reasonable layout, and safety
  • & convenient operation, etc.
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autoclave workflow.jpgAutoclave for AAC plant is large pressure vessel for steam curing, has excellent thermal insulating quality, and it works with steam boiler. 

The autoclave is a horizontal cylinder, when curing the aerated concrete, there is hydrothermal reaction (CaO-SiO2-H2O) happened in autoclave. 

It has the advantages of wide applicability, high efficiency, large capacity, reasonable layout, and safety operation, etc. We could design and manufacture various forms of autoclave according to your requirements.

Except AAC plant, the autoclave could also be used for wood preservation, maintenance and steaming of lime-sand brick, fly-ash brick, new light wall material, concrete tubular pile and other building products, moreover, it can used for the products steaming in chemical industry, medicine, rubber, wood corrosion prevention, gypsum, glass, thermal insulation materials, textile, war industry and other area.

Autoclave Advantages 

autoclave details.jpg1. High quality materials

The autoclave cover uses monoblock Q345R steel plate for compression moulding, and the flange of autoclave cover and body use Q345R steel plate for integral forgoing, to ensure the high quality.

2. Advanced processing technology

Double-side automatic submerged arc welding are used for the weld joint of autoclave cover head and flange, and then heat treatment and strict nondestructive testing are processed for all weld joint of pressure parts, eliminate forging stress and welding stress.  

3. Special and convenient structure

There are two open types, and the door could be designed as manual operated or automatic operated.

1) Side open type using the rotating arm type door - opening structure. Flexible rotation, low post operation, simple and convenient opening. 

2) Upper open type door using the lever type door-opening structure, lower leverage connect with kettle door, the top part equipped with counterweight device, open portable and occupies small space.

4. Safe operation

Equipped with sophisticated safe interlock protection device, utmost avoid the potential wrong operation, to ensure the safe operation. 

5. Boiler customization

Jinzhen boiler could customize the autoclave based on the requested length, width, or pressure.


Technical Parameter

ModelInternal dia(m)










Length×Wide×Height (mm)Weight (ton)




Notes: 1. Parameter is for reference only, if any changes should follow actual drawings.  

              2.We can design the specific industrial autoclave based on customers'requirement.

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